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An absolutely gorgeous rendition of a fantastic song.

Finally, Kodi got a chance to address his millions of fans, saying excitedly, "Thank you for all of your support and I love you all! Kodi and Tina spoke with ET's Keltie Knight after the show, and the proud mom said that the support and love from the judges and the audience is more special than she could ever explain. He's wanted to perform in front of thousands of people and this is in front of millions of people!

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As for what goal Kodi has set his sights on next, the year-old singer said he's hoping to get the chance to one day perform at the GRAMMYs. ET also spoke with judges Howie and Gabrielle who both pointed to Kodi when it came to who they thought might be this season's frontrunner.

As for Gabrielle, she admitted that she is "a little biased" because she was the only who gave him the Golden Buzzer in the first place, but said that Kodi is "a world changing, culture shifting, once in a lifetime talent. Terry also chimed in on Kodi's standout performance and told us he's " still emotional" after watching it.

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Meanwhile, fans can vote for Kodi now and America will see if the talented performer will be moving on to the semi-finals during the America's Got Talent results show, which kicks off on Wednesday at 8 p. He got me excited about making movies again, in a small-scale way. Watson, who spent weeks perfecting a Valley accent, was struck by her director's spontaneity during a six-week shoot that got under way in March While not shooting or with her two girls Romy , 6, and Cosima , almost 3 or accompanying her husband on tour, Coppola spends much of her time in an office near her apartment, writing when the mood strikes, responding to e-mails when it doesn't.

She acknowledges that writing is "difficult," even though she never has directed a movie with a screenplay by someone else. She follows film but not avidly she singles out the documentary The Queen of Versailles and Denmark's A Royal Affair as recent favorites, while lamenting, "It hasn't really been an exciting era for movies" ; she listens to music, usually chosen by her husband, though she retains a special affection for Elvis Costello , Roxy Music and Chopin 's "Preludes"; and she watches a smattering of television -- from 30 Rock to Mad Men -- while avoiding reality TV.

She also collects photography and has works by William Eggleston , Lee Friedlander and Tina Barney on her apartment's white walls along with a treasured photograph of Charlotte Rampling , given to her by the late Helmut Newton.

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I had written about [the Rampling shot], I think for Vogue , and he sent me the photograph. I couldn't believe it. It's one of my most-cherished possessions. I was able to thank him and told him how much I love it. She remains close to her parents and at the time of this interview was about to join them in New Orleans to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at Jazz Fest.

They e-mail regularly, but, she adds, "I'm not one of those people that talk to their mom all the time. Francis remembers his daughter once asking "if I felt she was a dilettante. I said, 'No, do all the things you love and eventually they will be useful for whatever you choose. Indeed, for Hollywood royalty relatives include Nicolas Cage , Jason Schwartzman , Talia Shire and her brother Roman , 48 , she has very carefully carved out an identity of her own, influenced by her parents but still separate from them. But like her father, "I have strong opinions.

I have a desire [to stamp them on film]. You can't create a world exactly how you imagine.

'America's Got Talent' host Terry Crews moved to tears by the Detroit Youth Choir - CNN

But the more she learned about the case -- helped by transcripts of interviews with the teenagers and police records Sales sent her -- the more intrigued she became. Coppola spent a year writing the script and negotiating for some of the real characters' life rights, at the same time as a rival project, also titled The Bling Ring , was in the works at Lifetime. They should just announce who won 2nd place on AGT bc obviously Kodi is going to win. If Cody Lee does not win Not because of his handicap..

'America's Got Talent': Julianne Hough tears up

Even if Kodi didn't have the emotional story attached to him, I would still be rooting for him at this point. I just voted for Kodileerocks on AGT. Download the app and vote now!

Unbeatable in the top 2 tomorrow im gonna be mad AGT. Other fans were not as touched by the performance, as part of a group of fans who believe fans will vote for a sob story over talent. Would you!!!

Now this one Cody lee show me the talant over pity?

Tears of Talent Tears of Talent
Tears of Talent Tears of Talent
Tears of Talent Tears of Talent
Tears of Talent Tears of Talent
Tears of Talent Tears of Talent

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