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Slipping clutch, how much time till I'm stuck?

This happened about 4 times over the last 2 or 3 days and i couldnt figure it out. Then today i drive it to visit my wife 30 min one way and everything is fine there and back. But a few hours latter i go to drive it again And it has very little acceleration The rate of acceleration is about 0 to 60 in 5 minutes and im not exaggerating. Trust me everyone on the highway was letting me know as i was trying to get to speed to get home. I got the car to go 70mph wjth normal rpms by very very slowly accelerating but the car is not drivable like this. I just looked it up and read that its the clutch slipping and so i check the clutch as follows.

Start car, place in 1st, pull handbrake, dump clutch with no gas and the car stalled right out. I tried this in 2nd gear as well and the car stalled out. Please help me, im currently homeless and living in this car and i need to be able to get to work or ill be homeless and carless and no way to fix either with out my job. After eating at Denny's you may have to If the trans only slipped once it may not even be the transmission you felt slipping. If it continues to happen I recommend having it checked out but I don't think you should be worried about it right now, but I would be worried about your choices of places to eat lol.

I have a i, i felt the tranny slip about 2 months ago while exiting the parking spot at Dennys. It has only happened once and the fluid level turned up okay, could the tranny be taking a crap or did i eat to much at Denny's I kept reading this question over and over and I'm not really sure what you're asking.

How To Do Hill Starts Easily In A Manual Car - Learning To Drive

Could you try to explain the issue in more detail? Are you sure it's no an engine skip or misfire? Another reader Joe just had a similar issue and he found deteriorated coils. I think you have an internal leak and once the transmission warms up the metal expands and temporarily fixes your issue. That's great news!

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  7. Do you think your automatic transmission is slipping?.

Sometimes a skip in the engine will seem like a transmission slip, the problems are very similar. I'm glad it all worked out, the coils and plugs are a lot less cash than a transmission lol. Thank you for coming back to post your findings, this really helps other readers with similar issues :.

I recommend you change the transmission fluid to see if the problem persists.

Q: Transmission slipping when going uphill

It sounds to me like there is some debris clogging up one of the ports or solenoids. If so, the computer has stored a transmission code and it just needs to be diagnosed. My mechanic add a few bottles of oil and we test drive it same results so he said the transmission need to change. First off, thank you so much for all your help. A misfire was the problem. I pulled the coils and they looked worse than the ones I replaced?!

Part 1 of 2: Diagnosing a slipping clutch

All but one was corroded and falling apart. The plugs did not look bad at all to me but just to sure I replaced them as well. I upped the quality on these parts and my car ran like a champ. I waited a few days to post to be sure but I am certain the issue has been resolved. I have a dodge ram 1st gear slips in and out till it gets warm and then it shifts fine but the rest of the gears are good what would cause this a bad band or sylnoid.

It had low fluid but its been sitting 9 hours not 1 deop of fluid yet has leaked so i dont think it would be a bad seal or leak in the lines anywhere? Fluid looks great and I'll check the level today. No leaking evident. It has a very short period slip-like impulse maybe a second in duration.

I can't tell for sure but it doesn't seem to be at a natural shift point, e.

I can be on level roadway when it happens. It may be starting a shift sequence then stopping or a slip that ends abruptly. On my Ford Taurus it has , miles when turning the car has no power and when it finishes turning it will feel like it pops back into gear and goes. Yeah, it sounds like a misfire. I recommend you check all your plugs for cracks in the ceramic insulators, and if you dropped one during installation I highly recommend you pull that plug and check for cracks and also check the electrode gap.

I think the transmission is full. It's most likely slipping because of a different problem? Those codes are generic codes so I have no idea what they are, sorry. I recommend having someone with a good scanner pull the codes, you may just have a problem with a solenoid or valve. I have an 04 LB7 Chevy Silverado HD and tonight on the way home my transmission started slipping so I stopped at the store and put fluid in it and noticed fluid pouring out of the top of the transmission with my programmer throwing codes , and Any advice on what I need to do?

Hi, I have a 05 Acura TL we recently put a transmission in. When you go to drive the car it runs fine once it heats up it stops. What could the cause be to make it do that.

X3 transmission slipping while accelerating up hill

There are no lights coming on my dash board. As for a misfire, I did change out the plugs at the same time. So I can double check my connections and let you know what I find. The fluid I used was generic since it was to only option I had at the parts store. However it had the same ratings my trans required so I did not think much off it.

I'm not familiar with the Legend transmission but it sounds like a solenoid is sticking, maybe the shift solenoid?

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  • Honda usually has the solenoids bolted on externally so they are easy to replace if there is a problem, hopefully, this is your style as well. Unfortunately, when cars sit for years the fluids get all gunked up. You could try having a transmission shop flush the fluid and replace the filter, it's a quick inexpensive check. No leaks but is the fluid level correct and what is the condition? I have seen transmission coolers fail internally and mix the coolant with transmission fluid because the transmission cooler is at the bottom of the radiator.

    I'm not saying that is your problem but you need to check the fluid level and condition because of these types of problems. I know this is a silly question but dd you check the fluid level and condition yet? Be sure to follow the owners manual on how to check it, there are several different ways depending on manufacturer.

    Clutch slipping or something else? - Singletrack Magazine

    Why when put my car in revers. So i have a Honda Pilot. Occasionally when i am driving i will push on the gas and the engine will rev but will not accelerate any faster or switch gears. It is an automatic. I can usually take my foot off the gas and push again and it work fine.

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    No leaks. Hi i have a 95 mustang gt automatic and its been parked for about 5 yrs , tranny was fine when parked. But now when you shift to reverse or drive you actually got to kind of rev it up for a second before it will actually start moving. Ive drove for about 30 mins and it steadily did same thing, every time you let off of gas it does it again.

    Slipping Up Hills Slipping Up Hills
    Slipping Up Hills Slipping Up Hills
    Slipping Up Hills Slipping Up Hills
    Slipping Up Hills Slipping Up Hills
    Slipping Up Hills Slipping Up Hills

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