My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)

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The Trinity Defined

We'll start cutting people a lot of slack. When his perfect love fills our hearts, everything opposed to it begins to it lose its hold on us. Think about it On this page you will learn how to refuel and if you are not empty, how to be filled with even more love. If he is calling us to something so high then he is also providing us with everything we need to do it.

It is we who place obstacles in the way. Catechism of the Catholic Church CCC : "Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God. John A. Hardon, S. It can be conferred only by divine grace. This is not the same thing as natural love i. Charity is the highest expression of love - Agape Love. Maria Goretti. This is the kind of love that exists in heaven and that we need to be perfected in so that we can actually be happy in heaven.

Habits of acquired virtue kindness, generosity, patience, etc. Like any other seed, this new capacity to love like Jesus is meant to grow and mature.

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This is nothing other than the full flowering of the grace of Baptism. Everything that happens to us in this life is meant to help us grow in Charity - Agape love. God giving you every worldly thing you want? God withholding certain things you want? God allowing suffering into your life while removing any feeling of His presence?

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Which of these takes more faith, hope and love charity? Mike Scherschligt, STD. He increases the measure of charity in our soul. This really matters! And then there is the clutter in our hearts that blocks the flow of God's love into them; such things as unforgiveness, negative thinking, critical spirit, looking down our nose at others, etc.

This clutter takes up precious space in our hearts and prevents the inflowing of the Holy Spirit. We can see that most clearly in our disordered desires. Some examples would be: desiring junk food, over-eating, over-sleeping, over-drinking, spending too much money on frivolous things, gossip, base humor, feelings of superiority, judging other people, need for attention and admiration, lust, etc.

All of this is further compounded by our personal sins which lead to sinful habits.

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Mental prayer - Christian Meditation - prepares our hearts for a fruitful reception of Holy Communion and it allows the grace we receive in Holy Communion to work more efficiently - to change our desires. It actualizes the grace we have received. It stirs it up so to speak. In prayer God inspires us to make resolutions to practice the virtues that will change our hearts and our desires.

As we go about our day, his grace helps us to complete the resolutions we have made and when we fail, it helps us to get back up and try again without giving into discouragement. One thing we should keep in mind, however, is that we never completely lose our sinful desires while we exist on this side of death. But, we can make great strides in this battle, strides that exceed by far what the human will can accomplish on its own. We can become heroically virtuous people due to the effects of grace, especially the grace that we receive from Holy Communion combined with mental prayer.

Struggling to fight a sinful, disordered desire is very pleasing to God even if for the rest of our life we have to struggle with it - fighting manfully to overcome it. This struggle can be the very means for a deeper union with God as St.

What Is the Soul? Is It Different from the Spirit?

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. That is the nature of it. This is why we work hard at purifying our hearts and cooperate with God in this very important work.

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What is our part? In order for them to grow they have to be nurtured. From the strength that we receive, we are enabled to respond to all the other opportunities that God provides to practice Faith, Hope and Charity in the course of everyday life. She begins to get very angry and is about to react with angry words.

Please come into it with your love and unite it with your perfect sacrifice and use it as a channel of your grace for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Thank you for giving me meaning and purpose in my suffering! God receives each one of them as a precious gift and he always returns them with the blessing of a fuller measure of his presence and this increases our capacity to love.

Growing in our capacity to love is what the saints like St. Faustina below mean by "the greatness and the various degrees of glory to which souls attain. It might seem like a daunting task but God is with us every step of the way. He wants this for us more than we do and He is ready for us to cooperate with Him as he reveals the beauty inside of us and increases our capacity to love. I am sure it did not start out that way:. But look at the Grand Canyon today! If God can increase the capacity of this little tiny stream imagine how He can transform our hearts. Practical Advice There may be a lot of clutter in our hearts and the task might seem a bit overwhelming.

Just start with the plates. Let me explain Last week we had a closet cleaning day at work. My closet was a wreck. It was so full of junk - so much junk that I couldn't even tell you everything that was in there. Things had been accumulated over an eight year period and because we are busy, I hadn't taken the time to clean it out - so more and more items were just stuck in there.

As I walked into the closet and looked at it that morning, I felt completely overwhelmed and thought: "I can't do this! With that thought I felt a sense of peace and direction and so I did just that. As I finished the plates, I was a little energized and ready to tackle the next item; and so on, and so on, and so on It felt so good! At this point I was really energized so the heavier, more labor intensive items didn't intimidate me any longer.

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By the end of the day, I had finished the closet. Clutter in our hearts is one of them. Let him fill you with his love for you. His love is incompatible with hate, a critical spirit, jealousy, etc.

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From there he will inspire you to work on a virtue that will help you with the area you are working on. For example: Gratitude to combat jealousy; acts of love to combat hardness of heart, etc. Every time a negative thought about yourself or another person comes up, see it as a shield - as in putting your hand out to prevent or block His love from entering your heart - and fight against it - put your hand down.

Tell him you do not approve of your negative thinking and ask him to help you. That will go a long way. You keep doing your part and fighting the negative thinking and God will do the rest. In order to do that we have to go in search of his love and we do this by spending time with God in prayer and in receiving the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist. The Virtue of Love vs.

The Passion of Love by Dr. We cannot always give. We must also receive. Anyone who wishes to give love in the way that God calls us to must also receive love as a gift. Yet, to become such a source one must constantly drink anew from the original source which is Jesus Christ from whose pierced heart flows the love of God. As mature adults, we regularly face and unending current of human needs.

Someone always needs us for something. So, we have to drink from the source — the heart of Jesus, opened up on the cross from which blood and water flowed forth. We drink in from his heart by prayer. So what does that look like practically? The best place to "waste time" with him is in Eucharistic Adoration if that is possible for you but praying at home is sufficient. Just being in his presence does so much for us. For example: if you go stand in your shower and turn the water on, what will happen?

My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)
My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)
My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)
My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)
My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)
My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)
My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2) My Soul To Take (The Holy Trinity Book 2)

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