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But to pursue this any further would be madness. Perhaps I was already mad, to serve so long at her beck and call to bring down a kingdom. She was beautiful—there can be no doubt of that. But did I desire her, even for a moment? For within that attractive trapping was evil—pure evil, intent on bringing humanity to ruin.

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If a man dared touch any part of it, his own flesh would rot and fall away. She was a lethal poison. She was a witch. Funny, though, is it not? In the end I could not escape her. She brought about my ruin, as surely as if I had indulged in her poisonous touch.

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Several years before my death, a shadow fell upon my dear Noblecourt —a shadow known as the Obsidians. They brought with them sweet words and false promises, but I would not lend them my ear. Once they came to understand that I would not be swayed to their way of thinking, they came after my life time and again.

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I would not allow myself to be daunted. I dug deeper into the truth to uncover their intentions, their ties, and the mastermind behind their villainy… And my search eventually led me to learn of the Gate of Finis. In the end, I was murdered by the men who caught wind of my discoveries. Yet I do not regret my actions.

I lived true to the words of my house and did all that I could for the sake of my people. My sole regret is that I have left Primrose alone to pick up the pieces of this broken life I left behind.

My precious daughter should not have to bear such a burden on her shoulders…. You stood before my grave and told me, did you not? That you had lived true to what I had taught you.

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You are strong, my daughter. You found your own cause and purpose, and the purpose you found was the continuation of my very own. You carried on in my footsteps and finished what I started. My dear Primrose… When I think of how much you must have suffered all alone, all I can do is beg you to forgive me. Now the time has come for you to lay down your burden and rest.

It is time you forget about me and find happiness, a happiness of your own this time. For I will always be with you.

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I had finally finished the elixir, but it was too late. Mere days too late. My one true love had drawn her last breath just as I was racing back to her side, medicine in hand, and heart filled with renewed hope. For three days and three nights, I lost myself in tears—a river of tears too deep and raging for me to ford my way across it. It was after the funeral that the woman found me.

Lyblac , she called herself. In the depths of my anguish, my life bereft of all meaning, she asked me a simple question, terrible in its implications. That insidious offer, a mere whisper in the wind, took hold of me. Try as I might, I could not close my ears to it. If it would mean seeing my love even once more, then I would give my very life without regret.

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Lyblac spoke of the Gate of Finis , which separates this world from the next. If I could find it, and cast it open, I could bring my beloved back to my side. I had heard the legends before, of course, but for the first time I found myself desperate to believe them. On my way, I passed through the village of Clearbrook. Convulsions wracked his small frame, and his skin was mottled with a purplish pox. I recognized the symptoms at once. How could I not? It was the same foul malady that stole my beloved from me.

I felt the touch of fate in this meeting. Though I had not been in time to save my true love, I still carried the elixir I had labored so long to create—a remedy that could do nothing for her now. There was no doubt in my mind what I must do. And so I treated the boy with my medicine. And in her gentle eyes, I found forgiveness.

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He told me that he wished to follow in my footsteps and become a great apothecary. His words were a reward I never expected. I left what remained of the elixir and the rest of my medicines behind with the boy. And I set out once more, turning my feet again to the Gate of Finis. From the time of my first memories, I recall my father lecturing me on the origins of our house.

On what it meant to be the head of House Ravus, and on what it was I must give my life to protect.

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My father had heard the same from his father, and his father from his father before him. The house of Ravus is blessed with many treasures—and many who covet them. To one born into the house of Ravus, such things are as natural and given as the blue of the sky above us. We are blessed with great treasures, and it is our duty to protect those treasures from those who would use them for ill. And among all the treasures, there were none greater than the dragonstones. The dragonstones were bestowed upon the first Lord Ravus by the legendary King Beowulf I of Hornburg , and they have been passed down in our family ever since.

The stones are said to have come from a land far to the east, and they are worth far more than their weight in gold. But that is not where their true value lies. A power sleeps within them, and it makes them valuable beyond mortal comprehension. It is said that the great sorcerer Odin Crossford used the power of the dragonstones to seal shut the Gate of Finis.

Crossford had campaigned together with King Beowulf and aided him in the founding of Hornburg. My father, when he was still with us, once told me this:.

Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary
Mattias Diary Mattias Diary

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