Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat

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This anticipated response is not unexpected since a player can predict the timing of an opponent estimating the Hazard rate Janssen and Shadlen, and also from gestures by the opponent. After the opponent move there is a change in HR with an effect size which peaks at about 0. HR responses locked to the player's own moves showed a qualitatively different pattern. First there was a decrease in HR which started almost 3 s before the move. This trend did not reach significance.

HR then ramped before the move reaching an almost threefold increase in modulation compared to opponent moves, peaking at 0. This modulation was virtually absent when the player blunders and was more pronounced when observing solely those trials in which there was not errors, but where errors were likely. The latter corresponded to a subset of the game, typically not including the opening, with less time available, where errors are more frequent, but selecting those cases in which errors were not made. In this specific filter which focused on difficult moments of the game, the early deep in HR was hence indicative, on average, of the quality of the move.

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The comparison of blunders and non-blunders in opponent moves showed a very different pattern. After the game, players reported in which moves they were engaged in the elaboration of a strategic plan or in calculation of variations. Players also reported their perceived errors and the moves that they ranked as especially good moves but we did not have sufficient records of these events to perform significant statistical analysis.

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For planning and calculation moves Figures 3A,B we found an increase in HR anticipating the move, compared to their respective matches. Thus, both planning and calculation induced higher HR levels before the move. HR indexes subjective and retrospectively highlighted events. A Example of a planning move. In the position, white player just made a planning move retrospectively highlighted after the conclusion of the game.

Nd2-f3 indicated with an arrow was the first move of this plan. B Calculation move. Later in the same game, other move was highlighted as calculation In this case, player was thinking about specific variations main variation: Nf5-g7 Kg8-g7, Rf1-f5 or b Nc3-b5 or c C HR dynamics comparison of planning moves and non-planning moves matched by other variables. D HR dynamics comparison of calculation moves and non-calculation moves matched by other variables. All moves were no blunders and matching conditions minimized differences in player AT and S.

Those moves highlighted as both planning and calculation were not considered. Previous results pointed differences in mean HR for specific objective or subjectively labeled moves. In the vast majority of studies, this has been used as a statistical indicator that a variable HR indexes or informs about a state blunder, calculation. Here we went beyond average difference estimators, observing the capacity of HR data to predict in a trial by trial basis, move observables such as its quality and the thought processes involved.

It is clear that this analysis pushes the data to its limit since the HR is an intrinsically noisy signal. Specifically, we quantified the degree of separability of these temporal series training a linear decoder, using the SVM algorithm Cristianini and Shawe-Taylor, We ran the classifier on data which were clearly before 3—1 s before the move and after 1—3 s after the move in the four comparisons described above.

Calculation and planning were decoded better using data before the move and opponent blunders with data after the opponent move. The weakest classification was achieved for the player owns blunders, were classification was almost at chance. This is an interesting observation showing that fluctuations due to own blunders elicit a broad variety of changes and hence are less amenable to be captured by a linear classifier. Our work shows that beyond known modulations of body signals in decision making Bradley, ; Jennings et al. Thus, even if HR constitutes a relatively broad marker integrating a myriad of physiological variables, its dynamic was rich enough to reveal relevant episodes of inner thought.

The seminal work of Adriaan de Groot used chess as a vehicle to understand thought De Groot, This work relied on introspection, using the methodology of thinking aloud as the main vehicle to identify episodes of thought. Here we showed that the HR signal carries information capable of indexing these episodes: increasing before player own blunders, planning and calculation moves, and reacting to opponent errors. Near impossible to find with an intact Gimmix sleeve.

This band was thrown together for school concerts in the Bristol area, staying together to record this copy album. Half the pressing was flood damaged Their last album never got beyond this lone test pressing.

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The LP hardly sold, making it a massive rarity. The price has jumped up since RRPG Atlantic tried to release this single on 5 November and demo copies were dispatched.

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The release was aborted. Only this rare acetate on two discs survives. These TPs are McCartney holy relics. The train artwork for this promo picture sleeve was drawn by Syd Barrett, adding to its cachet.

Vertigo dressed this debut LP in an elaborate sleeve. The Uglys cut five singles before ending up at MGM, where these tracks were pressed on a handful of demos before being ditched. I Will Follow WIP was issued in a number of formats with these 50 brown vinyl mis-pressings being particularly scant. It flopped. EMI destroyed most of these. Just added to the online guide. The rarest Beatles export album, with an Odeon label and Odeon sticker on the rear of the Apple sleeve.


How many of these were removed by punters at the time, not thinking that they were devaluing their inheritance? Bowie expected this single — his first for Mercury — to chart, but coming eight months after his space novelty, it sold a mere copies. This Irish pressing of the single is utterly, hideously rare.

Decca rejected it, so the band pressed up these test pressings in a handmade sleeve. They split in A track like Blindness opens with a lovely organ fugue before oozing into backwater Floyd. Did zilch in the UK. A pressing plant experiment on red vinyl with three or four known copies. If I was there I would come and see you. This solitary copy survived.

Back in I asked if anyone has seen one of these promotional padded sleeve editions. A dealer came forward with a copy of the album in what looked like a padded silk frame. If authentic, it would probably be one of the rarest Stones promos.

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Starr and designer Robin Cruickshank entered a business partnership to design and market steel and glass furniture. The Bopping Elf won. This price is for either test pressing or the labels — not both together. This press kit launched the first four Apple singles. This price is for rarer sets in matt plastic boxes rather than the more common card ones.

These test pressings have OCTO 1 in the run-out groove. Cochran was 16 when he recorded this song about falling in love with a shop assistant. Time has not curbed its drive. The Low Road is an average ballad, but the souped-up flip could give you palpitations. Six copies are known to exist. This LP hardly sold and is now one of the top 70s rarities. These test pressings exist. A handful of copies in finished picture sleeves that credit Independence Day as the B-side. When officially released in February , the B-side was changed to Be True. Only 50 finished sleeves in the smaller format are thought to have been made.

Ah, the intellectual life!

Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat
Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat
Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat
Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat
Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat
Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat
Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat Ians Gang - The Tell-Tale Heartbeat

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