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The attractive, fragrant flowers can last up to six weeks; they will eventually turn from white to pale green. If you prefer the look of white, you can cut the flowers back at that point and simply enjoy your peace lily's foliage until it blooms again. Repot your peace lily in February or March, when the plant begins to grow new shoots; however, go only one size up when repotting. Once the plant is in an eight-inch pot, simply root prune and add fresh soil to the same size pot rather than sizing up.

Peace Lily Care: How to Grow Peace Lily Plants Successfully at Home

Repotting is also the perfect time to divide your peace lily to make a new plant. Peace lilies cannot be propagated via leaf or stem cuttings, but they can easily be propagated by division during any season. While it is possible for the home gardener to propagate peace lilies via seed, plants started from seed will take several years to flower. Step 2: Gently remove the mother plant from its pot and carefully loosen the soil around the roots. Use your fingers to gently pull apart the roots to find a clump of roots with several leaves.

Growing Peace Lily As Houseplants

Using a clean, sharp blade, cut any roots connecting the new clump and the mother plant. Depending on the size of the mother plant, you may be able to get several new specimens from one large plant. Step 3: Plant the new peace lily in the smaller pot you prepared. Up-pot or repot the mother plant with fresh soil. I am moving it immediately to a less sunny window and hopefully it will perk up. Thanks for such detailed information! CB Caroline Brownhill May 11, I had unknowingly been doing a few things right anyway such as the location of the plant and tending to not water until it had started to droop, but that was down to what I thought was neglect!

I will now be checking the soil on a weekly basis, as recommended, and buying a spray bottle to take better care of the leaves. A beautiful plant to have!

Getting a Peace Lily to Bloom, Human Hair in the Garden, and Biennials |

RW Raewyn Wardley Sep 21, It has not flowered in the last year, but that maybe because it hasn't had any filtered sun on as before. I have put it outside today in an area that has morning sun only, and will keep it quite moist. Hopefully it will flower with sunshine on it. TH Tong C. Ho Jun 13, Total idiot on this subject. Have tried a few types and ended up murdering or committing genocide on most of them initially. The Peace Lily survived my reign of terror.

Reading this has made the whole process of understanding plants basic and so much less daunting. Thank you! CA Catherine A. Nov 26, I love my peace lily, and wanted to be sure I was caring for it properly. This site has been clear and informative, and I discovered I and probably over-watering slightly and over-feeding. And that there's no need yet to worry about repotting. Thank you. I finally learned why the tips of leaves turn brown, over watering.

I also learned I need to spray leaves. I had put it on a window where it was probably getting too much sun. It was great! I still have to watch the video. Thank you lots! Rated this article:. I didn't know that peace lilies do not need direct sunlight and must be sprayed with water approximately 2 or 3 times a week. I've never had or cared for one before. Thank you, wikiHow.

Peace Lily Plant Care

TB Tim Bryant Apr 18, Includes maintenance and propagation, which is quite novel. Great images and concise text. Now we are more confident in using this plant as a go-to at home as well as investing in some for our offices and laboratories. JJ Josie Jennings Jun 5, The root ball is completely dry and doesn't have much soil around it. I figure to give the plant some water then repot it, giving it more soil to grow in.

Remove dead and dying leaves and give it the perfect spot to live in. LG Louise Garand Aug 22, Leaves from other flowers peek through window making the sun come in, and my peace lily is right beside and getting yellow droopy leaves. Thanks for the info, now I moved it. SM Samantha Meek May 5, Since receiving the lily, I have been having trouble with browning on the leaves and blooms!

But now I'm pretty sure it needs transplanting. Thanks to this article I have an answer! SM Sam M. Jul 1, RR Rena Richards Jun 28, Then came to the info on Prayer Plants. As I have 3 plants in the bathrooms, it was good to read directions on how to keep them healthy. JJ Jan Julius Jun 15, I have now been informed and pray the plant will continue to grow in my home for years to come.

Thank you for your information on the Spathiphyllums peace lily plant.

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US Ursula Syster Aug 10, When I bought my lily the flowers were white, but after that it appeared green. KC Katie Callahan Jul 17, I had no idea how to care for it so I found this page. I needed to know if it was ok to place it on my porch for the summer. It is, because the sun is indirect there. Thanks for your help! Suggs Nov 18, I started my journey with this plant after the passing of my mother, my nephew and then again with my grandmother. This article will help me to keep their memories. KC Kathleen Croskey Sep 7, All of the information was very helpful.

This is my first plant and I didn't know they were harmful to people. I love my plant and was glad to know it lives for many years. JW Julie Whitehouse Apr 25, Realized it had too much sun and when watered with other house plant watering routine, was too frequent. Now keeping in the dark and treating it mean! JK Jim Kennedy Nov 20, I also cut back on watering. In a couple of weeks, it came back to life. This site was very helpful and informative. Thank you very much. I will use this site again. ME Marguerite Ellison Jul 18, This is the most information I have been able to get.

Thank you so much! DW Deborah Wynne Jul 7, After 3 years, there's nothing I'm missing on looking after my beautiful plant.

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I now know I can split it and have many more beauties! Fab news. MS Mary Smith May 5, I wouldn't have lost previous plants if I had known these tips. Ready to learn how to grow peace lilies? Fill in around the root ball with more potting mix. Keep any eye out for: Fungus gnats. First, try watering less frequently and make sure the top of the soil dries out between waterings.



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