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Some botanists say that the herbs shared soil and climate with seaside pines for so many millenniums that they acquired a faint piney flavor. If this speculation is true, the genetic imprint is very strong indeed.

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On my terrace, my bush may be treated to nascent breezes from the Hudson, but it is mainly exposed to exhaust fumes. Still, its leaves continue to impart a sense of sea-meeting-woodland, a whiff of Provence, of Italy and of the first time I ate in Chez Panisse more than 20 years ago. The aroma of rosemary is so potent that ancient texts refer to it as incense, though perhaps this association has to do with religious myths. In one, it is said that the Blessed Virgin laid the family's laundry on rosemary shrubs to dry, lending a sacred aura to the herb.

Early Christian cults of the Virgin changed its name to Rose of Mary. The church-and-herb connection may have fostered rosemary's prominence in the herbal pharmacology practiced by clerical healers. Even today, herbalists claim that rosemary promotes blood circulation -- and when used in shampoos or, as in Curacao and Spain, in a paste applied to a bald spot, encourages hair to grow. Romans used rosemary pastes for nervous headaches, and scholars wore wreaths of fresh rosemary on their heads to improve memory.

Memory, in fact, is the herb's attribute most celebrated in poetry and old wives' tales. In medieval Europe, brides carried rosemary branches in their wedding bouquets to remind their husbands to be faithful. It is the herb most associated with friendship and loyalty and, along with primrose and violets, was used in bouquets carried by courting gentlemen, as well as in the nosegays that women exchanged. It is said that scattering rosemary's tiny blue flowers in a bed protects sleepers from bad dreams. And in Cuba, a poultice of rosemary and ginger is applied to the forehead to cure insomnia.

In some ancient food-cure systems, rosemary liniment is used to treat rheumatism and gout. My family sip rosemary tea when we feel low, add rosemary oil to our bath water, use rosemary soap and rosemary shampoo. And apparently we are not alone. The shelves of health food stores and luxury bath shops seem to sprout more and more rosemary-scented products every day. Unfortunately, unbridled use of the herb is just as distasteful in cosmetics as it is in cuisine. Rosemary needs to be melded, to become a base note in an aromatic melange -- and kept on a very tight leash. The herb provides an illusive bite, for instance, when used with other aromatics to make soda it is rumored to be an ingredient in cola , snacks like chips with barbecue or ranch flavors, some Belgian pilsners and even Chartreuse, the green liquor that Carthusian monks have made since In general, the cook should use half as much rosemary as any other spice or herb in a dish.

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Minced with thyme, and even lavender, rosemary does wonderful things for lamb, veal, sausage meat, game or beef. Using the herbs is like bringing the perfume of grazing land back to the meat. Most commonly, rosemary is found, along with garlic and onion or lemon, tucked into the cavity of chicken, with additional leaves pushed between the bird's flesh and skin. It is delicious. And so are roasted potatoes tossed with rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper; the same combination can be worked into dough for pizza, focaccia or pasta.

Rosemary seems to make tomato sauces sunnier and gives a lemony, piney nuance to soups and stews. After years of living with rosemary, I finally began using it in custards and sorbets, and the result defied my general distrust of using savory things in sweets.

Rosemary Snider Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

Used sparingly in milky desserts, rosemary can function like pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon or allspice to provide a sharp contrast to the sugar. Even more recently, I was surprised to detect rosemary among the Asian aromatics in a vinaigrette served with a lobster and daikon roll at the Vong restaurant in Manhattan. Soy and ginger seems to coax a sweet hint of heliotrope from the herb.

Modern cooks would not automatically think of consigning rosemary to a bit part in a dish; parsimony in rosemary defies the current more-is-better mindset in American cuisine. But living with rosemary, I've found that the less you notice the bush, the more powerful it is.


Dorset girl Rosemary lost 5 stones and found a new life

My rosemary was, last fall, given an acid-bath by the construction crew that was re- pointing our building. She had a tough winter, and eventually I gave her to a friend for safekeeping. Upon entering her temporary digs the other day, I was buffeted with a sense of endurance and well-being and an urge to cook, to bathe, to arrange flowers. If I knew how to sew, I would probably have considered making sachets. Rosemary, you see, abides like memories. And like the unnamed sources of joy and sadness in any person's life, rosemary is best as an unnoticed thread in the intricate and complicated fabric of a life.

Place olive oil in a saucepan over low heat. Wash rosemary, and pluck leaves from the stems reserve the stems for grilling or making kebabs.

Rosemary’s Native Climate

Place rosemary in the warming oil, and continue to cook over lowest possible heat until warm to the touch, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat, and allow to cool. Ladle half the oil into a very clean glass container, leaving the rosemary behind. Place the second half of the oil in a blender with the rosemary leaves, and blend very well. Add this mixture to the glass container, and shake to combine.

Place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and up to 24 hours. Bring the oil to room temperature. Place the tuna in a small but deep pan, and pour the oil over to cover completely. Place over low heat, and cook 90 minutes.

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Remove from heat. Drain tuna, discard the oil and cut the fish into 6 steaks. Serve warm with boiled parsley potatoes or use in nicoise or tuna salad. To make the vinaigrette, place all the ingredients but the oil in a blender or food processor and puree. At the Founders' Day Festival, Elizabeth makes a move that might affect her future; an orphan struggles to accept his new life; and Bill finds….

Highlights - Unspoken Words - When Calls….

Elizabeth questions Lucas' intentions with the new library. Faith calls Carson to give him an update on when she will return to Hope Valley. Rosemary finally opens up to Lee about her fear of not being able to have a child. Extended Preview - A Call from the Past -…. Meanwhile, Lee and Gowen compete for workers while an old friend arrives with….

Highlights - Trouble Finding the Right Words…. Rosemary tries to open up to Lee about what is bothering her but finds it difficult. Bill opens up to Lee about making the decision on becoming a judge. Carson surprises Faith with a phone call from her estranged father. Extended Preview - Hope is with the Heart…. Highlights - Mr. Moms to the Rescue - When….

While Elizabeth spends tie with Rosemary, Lee, with some help from Bill, takes on the job of watching baby Jack.

A New Life for Rosemary A New Life for Rosemary
A New Life for Rosemary A New Life for Rosemary
A New Life for Rosemary A New Life for Rosemary
A New Life for Rosemary A New Life for Rosemary
A New Life for Rosemary A New Life for Rosemary
A New Life for Rosemary A New Life for Rosemary

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